Arts Integration


Cori began her career as an after school theatre teacher in 2010.  During the 2015-16 SY, she worked as the full-time theatre resource teacher for a Baltimore City Public School through Single Carrot Theatre.  She continued her work as an arts integration educator through Young Audiences of Maryland’s Summer Arts and Learning Academy (SALA) in the Summer of 2016.  In 2017, Cori received her certification as an arts integration specialist through the Teaching Artist Institute in Baltimore.  

Cori infuses her activism into her work as an arts integration specialist.  She is devoted to empowering young students to use multimedia and virtual platforms in telling their own stories and raising awareness for causes that matter to them.  Her residencies focus primarily on using art and theatre to promote social and political awareness as well as encourage students to follow their curiosity as they explore lessons in literacy, math, science and social studies.  



Amy Smith
Elementary School Special Educator, 
Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle School

"I worked closely with Cori during the 2020 virtual and 2021 in-person Summer Arts & Learning Academy with Young Audiences. Her expertise in theater was a tremendous asset in the art integration program. She was a fantastic partner and I found it very easy to collaborate ideas and infuse the arts into the ELA and Math curriculum. Her ability to engage with students and share her love of the theater was apparent from the start.


"Whether it was acting out out a word problem or imitating a character in a story, our students really loved using their 'Actor Tools' to make learning come to life! Not only did that make learning more engaging but also allowed students to connect learning to real-world scenarios. I would highly recommend Cori as an art integration specialist."